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It is finally here!

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As many of you know, and to those of you who do not, my child & I were devastated by LICE INFESTATION. Our lives were turned upside down for over 90 days. Yes, I had to turn to the pesticides, (which does not kill the eggs called nits) to use on our heads.

I was so “wigged out” by it, I chose to lose my ‘wig’; yes my own hair! As you may already know, you cannot effectively go through your own hair, and what a head of curly hair I had. I could not deal with bugs living on my head, so I shaved it.

I would not wish this on anyone. The sad fact is, over 12 million people are affected every year! In my Dad’s time, kerosene was used. As you can see, we have not come very far…we still use toxic stuff.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” so this Mom has created something aimed at PREVENTION:

NitFlix Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment
Grace’s NitFlix® A-Way With Lice® Protective Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment

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NOTE: We ship within the contiguous United States only.
Please contact us if you’re located in AK, HI, or PR.

I’ve taken great pains to find & hire a world-class certified chemist to formulate the finest nontoxic ingredients.

Now you don’t have to go through the process of parasite elimination or infestation that is very common even in the finest childcare centers, camps & schools

What We Do –

Grace’s NitFlix® A-Way With Lice® is a non-toxic, pesticide-free shampoo & conditioning treatment made from food grade ingredients that provide nutrients for your hair and scalp while protecting you from lice. Not only does NitFlix prevent lice, it also gets rid of any already on your head in case you didn’t get to them first!

Our goal is to empower children in having a healthy self-esteem, grace and confidence that are impermeable to the challenges

Of growing up
Of school
Of camp
Of family living

Grace’s NitFlix® is patterned after the world’s first and finest silicone-free extraordinary hair care products taking Hollywood by storm.

Our Mission:

  1. Eradicate lice and its stigma with the use of NitFlix; empowering children.
  2. Schools’ weapon of choice for protection against lice; supporting a nit-free environment.
  3. Grace’s NitFlix® is a household name.

What You Can Count On –

A product that is always free from parabens, petroleum, pesticides, phthalates, harmful sulfates, and silicones. A safe, effective, food grade product for your children…and you! You will love the results of Grace’s NitFlix® so much, you’ll want to use it everyday!

Age Old Common Problem –

More people have a story than you think, try 12 – 13 million of them each year, and perhaps you’re one of them! An impressive number considering we are in the twenty-first Century. A frequent comment from the ‘experts’ seems to be, “Oh lice are just a nuisance, that’s all.” They were much more than that to me; more like a nightmare that never ended! That ‘expert’ opinion is reflected in the numerous variations in the schools’ lice policy, and the confusion that accompanies this inconsistency.

Grace’s NitFlix®
Developed by a desperate Mom
Who “has a thing about bugs”®

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This no longer has to be an option!

As Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

NO to lice
NO to chemicals
NO to taboo
NO to synthetics

YES to healthy luxurious hair
YES to confidence
YES to safety


Don’t be a nitwit, use NitFlix, prevent Lice!

Testimonials –

“I use this once a week on my 6 and 10 year old’s hair. Neither have contracted lice in the past 2.5 years. In 2008, 3 out of 4 of my children suffered an infestation. In spite of the repeated garment/linen laundering, isolation and over the counter “remedies”, I watched as one by one each child succumbed . . . all EXCEPT the one that IMMEDIATELY started using this product. He remained unscathed throughout our family’s costly and emotionally draining ordeal.
That was all the proof I needed . . .”
Paul L. Marcucci

“This product is amazing! I work in the school system so protection against lice is just a extra bonus. It is the softness, curl and body NitFlix gives my hair. I feel like I am nourishing, instead of washing, my hair when I treat myself to NitFlix once a week.”
Dori Mion

“I love how both the shampoo and conditioner leave the hair feeling soft. My daughter loves the smell and she’s been lice free so far. I will be purchasing it again.”
Jessica in Stuart, FL

“This product was a life saver! While away on vacation, I noticed that my girls (age 7 & 9) were scratching their heads like crazy. I inspected their heads and was horrified when I saw lice. This was one of my biggest fears. I have heard so many stories about how life will turn upside down when someone in the house gets lice. We got home the next day and luckily I had already purchased this product and had it at home. I only wished I had started using it a preventative measure but I didn’t. I always thought ” it can’t happen to us” I gave both girls the treatment as directed. The smell of the product is amazing as well. Each day I would comb through their hair and find fewer and fewer nits. No live bugs after the first treatment either. After 4 days there were no nits at all. I continued to check their heads just because I couldn’t believe that we got through this so quickly and there was nothing. We went through this in early July and have been lice free ever since. Thank you Grace for creating such a great product!                                                           Sharon Doyle Pratt