Helping Schools Help Children & Families –

Be a voice in your school. Let them know you are tired of Lice being a taboo topic. Challenge them to roll up their sleeves and tackle this, head on!

We provide the opportunity for schools to use our products for fundraising purposes, while being proactive in supporting a nit-free environment. No more Lousy hair days!

A-way With Lice® offers a uniquely generous return on time and effort; a fundraiser that doesn’t end!  Raise up to 63% on initial sales, then continually raise funds with ease on reorders.

The fundraiser can be spearheaded by any group within the school but will be most effective when all are involved. This will empower the children to be accountable for their own health and well-being, while creating a positive influence on their environment.

An educational piece that is often missing for students and parents can also be incorporated. There is only so much the school nurses can accomplish in their day.

Take Action –

Contact us today, and be the school that pioneers the change in your community.